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Working together as an ensemble, Blackout Theatre took inspiration from the poems, tales, and essays of Edgar Allan Poe to create a brand new play, haunting and frightening.

Blackout’s biggest sketch show yet! Hearts and Stars features special celebrity guest hosts, hilarious new sketch comedy, and live bands every night.


Two original circus plays by Blackout Theatre Company. One, Petite Poems of Pees follows a lost clown girl in search of her father. The other, Long Ways to Travel, a depression era fable about a circus lady who partners with a drifter to con the circus. 

In this tale, equal parts absurdism and whimsy, brothers Jeff and George own The Ladder Store where you can buy “every ladder of today and some from yesterday.” Unbeknownst to the dim-witted but loveable Jeff, the Ladder Store is really a black market heart operation, where you can trade up to the heart you always wanted. 

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