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The dating scene can be a real nightmare, especially when you're boyfriend is Satan...No, literally. Your boyfriend is Satan. 

Created as an ensemble, this exciting new work tells the story of Alma, a teenage girl whose best friend Fina has disappeared on the New Mexican mesa.

Alma suspects there is more to Fina’s disappearance than the adults around her would have her believe. Alma knows in her heart of hearts that it wasn’t a someone that took Fina, but rather something. Propelled forward by mysterious visions of Fina and a deer, El Venado, Alma comes to realize that in order to get her friend back, she will have to open her eyes to the world of shadows- a world where the magic and myths she was told

as a child are all too real.

The story begins on Christmas Eve, 1934. A blizzard has closed the St. Louis Central Train Station, stranding holiday travelers, including a destitute farmer, his wife, a toy maker, a jailbird, a pair of Vaudeville performers, and a society woman. To pass the time and to escape the harsh realities of this sad Christmas, the group begins to retell A Christmas Carol. As Scrooge is reminded of what it means to love, and appreciate family, the group of travellers come together, remembering what Christmas is really about.

Blackout's first touring sketch show! Featuring new original sketches and some of Blackout's favorites!

“I’m so excited to be hosting Blackout’s annual fundraiser,” says Lauren Poole (Lynette), “Improv Bingo is a fun spin on the classic game. In our version, audiences watch hilarious improv comedy and throughout the show mark off phrases that are on their Bingo Cards. We did it last year, and we were able to raise money that helped us launch our Wrinkle Writing program.”

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