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Blackout's first ever original Musical! The world of F8 isn’t so very different from our own. It’s the near future and F8, a visionary technology and lifestyle company completely runs the lives of those who live within the company’s borders.  Everyone in F8 is content. Everyone, that is, but Paige.

Paige senses there might be something different about her. She yearns for choices and impulsivity. Just as her life starts to fall into place, she meets a stranger from outside F8, everything becomes very complicated.

Stories of Us showcases three original plays by company members Joshua Bien, Shannon Flynn, and Barney Lopez. The short plays of

Stories of Us center on the relationship between two people. The evening of new works explores trials and tribulations of love, the joys of companionship, and the frustration of a couple trying to understand what they need from each other.

All your favorite Shakespeare plays that you didn't even know existed! For 45 minutes, Blackout improvises all of Shakespeare's tragedies, or comedies?

Blackout Theatre Company welcomes you to follow the hilarious happenings of four unemployed strangers as they try to get back on their feet! All episodes can be viewed on Blackout's YouTube channel: BlackoutDigital!


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