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The end of days is upon us. The dead have risen and hunger for the flesh of the living. Society is breaking down. There’s only one way out of Albuquerque, but first you must make it through Quarantine. Blackout Theatre Company has created a haunted house unlike any other.

Quarantine is Albuquerque’s only experiential haunted house. Complete with an interactive storyline and staffed with professional actors, Quarantine always promises to be an experience not to be missed.

Written by company member and New Mexican playwright, Barney Lopez, Carson Lake is an adaptation of the classic Greek play Hippolytus. In this retelling, Lopez takes the Greek royalty to the vast deserts of New Mexico, in an off-the- grid trailer park ruled by drug-addicted tyrant, Dusty Garcia. Carson Lake balances the gritty violence of the play with a beautiful poetic dialogue and the result is entrancing.

A late night cabaret unlike any other. The hilarious show features a talented cast of characters who have broken down in Albuquerque and need to raise money to fix their tour bus and get back on the road.

A collaboration with Blackout Theatre Company and Comedy? An original sketch comedy performed at the Box Performance Space. 

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