Blackout was founded in the summer of 2007 by a group of students at the University of New Mexico.  We started with late night sketch comedy shows and eventually moved on to mounting full length productions. For many years, Blackout ran a huge education program, Wrinkle Writing, that served hundreds of students a year in improving literacy through playwriting.

Today, Blackout has expanded into a different kind of theatre. We not only do full length productions, but we now create our own full length work from scratch, produce sketch comedy videos and web-series for the web. Blackout specifically aims to work for and with the community, meaning that it collaborates in many ways with members of the community and often makes art that is targeted at the Albuquerque and New Mexico culture, events, people, language, and so on.


Creating stories to engage and ignite community.

Blackout is a member of the Network for Ensemble Theatres. Their goal: "Propelling ensemble theatre practice to the forefront of the American culture and society."