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a do-it-yourself shadow puppet play for young audiences | available to order December 3

Dona Eloisa de Grants is the most renowned craftsperson for miles. But when the first snowflake falls and a full moon rises over the workshop, Eloisa's apprentice Rosario will discover a terrible secret…

Snow Moon is a fun, interactive shadow puppet play for young audiences—and you can experience it in your own home! Provide your email and shipping address to receive a package complete with everything you need to tell the story: a pop-up shadow box, a light, a key, instructions, and a link to the audio play.

To participate in the fun just click on this link!

Created by Lila Martinez; story by Lila Martinez, Leonard Madrid, Andee Schray, & Caroline Toby Graham; script by Leonard Madrid. Performed by Alicia Lueras Maldonado and Lila Martinez; instructions read by Hailey Tolleson. Music composed & performed by Casey Mraz. Character & scene design by James Schallert; title design by Caroline Toby Graham; construction by Leonard Madrid, Lila Martinez, Caroline Toby Graham & Hailey Tolleson; production management by Hailey Tolleson.

Cuentos from El Campo Santo
Season Two: Hauntings

A house yearning to be built. A silent horror on a mountaintop. A mysterious entity willing its own creation. In his mother's old house in the heart of Barelas, Reyes Saavedra unearths untold accounts of hauntings across New Mexico. 


Experience Season Two of El Campo Santo through letters, plays, stories, journals, and more, presented in an interactive map of our beautiful state. New episodes every Tuesday on Anchor, Apple Podcasts and most other platforms. This project was made possible by the hard work of dozens of collaborators and generous grants from the City of Albuquerque Cultural Services Department and New Mexico Arts. 

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While we have resumed our (digital and distanced) season, we would like to encourage our audiences to continue directing attention toward Black voices and local organizers in our community and nationwide.

We encourage you to look through this list of petitions, places to donate, and other resources HERE.

"How to Spend a Day in Black-Owned Albuquerque," Visit ABQ

"The Ferguson Theatre Syllabus," American Theatre 

"10 Historic Black Theater Companies That Could Use Your Donations," TheatreMania

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