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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Blackout relies on the support of individuals to keep making innovative, accessible theatre. Your donation will help us maintain the quality of our productions, keep our ticket prices low, and build deeper connections with theatre ensembles and education institutions in Albuquerque and the greater Southwest community. 


Help keep New Mexico theatre alive by making a tax deductible donation, or get your business involved by sponsoring an upcoming show. If you have questions about Patreon, corporate sponsorship, or other ways to help, please email Here are a few ways you can help:


Blackout is supported by:

The Electric Company - $5,000+ Donated

       Thomas & Krista Parr


Power Grid - $1,000-4,999 Donated
       Albuquerque Balloon Museum
       Frank Frost Photography
       John Nichols
       Rio Abajo Family Practice, PC

       Barnes and Noble

       Bandelier Elementary PTA

       Julia Fitzsimmons

      Samantha Starr


Flashlights - $600-999 Donated
       Theodore "Teddy" Jackson

       Marne Petersen

       United Way of Central New Mexico

       Jill Andersen

       Steve Lucero

       Max & Mandy Thrasher

       Tractor Brewing Company


Light Bulbs - $300-599 Donated
       A&R Office Machines

       Ian Alden
       George Cooper and Carol Cummings
       Christopher Schmitz

       Mary Rubin

       Norah Walsh

       Chris Gillooly

       Jeni Bowen

       Nicole Brady

       Brian Herrera

       Deniece Korzekwa

       David & Toby Pedroncelli

       Denise Schulz

       Josh's Mom
            Christine Vanderbilt

      Margarita Wild

      Ron and Katherine Yeo

Batteries - $100-299 donated

       Christina Allen & Paul Knight
       Keith Andersen
       Soleil West
       Ron Bell
       Henry Bial
       Nicole Brady and KOB Eyewitness News 4
       Box Performance Space
       TechLove House of 
              Laughter and Silly Voices, Inc

       Tom Love Carlson
       Consignment Interiors
       Rani Copeland
       Vivace Music Piano Studio
       Twila Firmature
       Joulie Foulkes King
       Robert and Mary Lucero
       Claudia Mathes
       Antal Mauer

       Linda Lopez McAllister
       Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
       The Small Family


Batteries - $100-299 Donated (ctd.)
       Weasel & Fitz, Madrid NM

       Sandra Johnson
       Scarlet Johnson
       Tracey Kelley
       Sarah Kennedy
       Warren Liebold
       Sherril Lucas
       Macaroni Grill
       Sarah Maddox
       Mopsy Matthews
       Zazza Pinzon
       Quanci Design
       Leslee Richards
       Sara D. Rivera
       Bex Rosales
       Kelle Senye
       Cathy Sleeter
       Cecelia Teague
       Kalisha Weidemann
       Hugh Witemeyer
       Ewen Wright

       Laurel Butler
       Glinda Wyndorf

       Mitch Varley

       Richard Hess

       Theodore Hamblin

       Brian McMath

       The Chocolate Dude

       Humble Coffee

       Connie Walsh

       Gary Grilo

       Peter Walsh

       Michael McCants

       Catherine Delaney

       Sale Taylor

       Margery Nichelason

       Erin Walsh

       David Metzler

       Dennis Walsh

       Bernadette Anton-Williams

       Chelsea & Mike Ashcraft

       Mary Ayala

       Brandy Baldonado

       Paulette Brannan

       Ian Colburn

       Skye Devore

       Janet Duke

       Susan Fitzgerald

       Flynn Painting and Finishing Services

       Carlyn Foulkes

       Karl Gass

       Drew Hamblin-Hatchell

       David Holtkamp

       Loren Kahn & Isabelle Kessler

       Adric Menning

       Rani Morris

       Dave Orner

       Stephanie Padilla

       Susan Pearson

       Valerie Piriak

       Anette & Jeff Poole

       Michael Saxton

       Valerie Scott

       Kimberly Shay

       Marisa Desiree Valdez

       Vivace Music Piano Studio


Fuses - $10-$99 Donated
       Arthur Blessen
       Blame It On Rebekkah
       Bob the Juggler
       Jenny Brass
       Judy Brown
       Buran Theatre
       Margo Chamberlain
       Tod Desotelle
       Leah Cooper
       Ted Davis
       Charles Fisher, Allison &

            Fisher Law Office
       Matt Garcia
       Dan and Debbie Golden
       Krystal Harris
       Aaorn Hendren
       Pam Herrington
       Il Vicino

       Kevin Stueber

       Christopher Maestes

       Tom Moore

       Celia Yapita

       Phyllis Metzler

       Matthew Walsh

       Leann Sommers-Templeman

       Katy Korzekwa

       Alicia Unruh

       Felicia Anderson

       Anessa Williams

       Chris Hughes

       Melinda Camacho

       Richard Hess

       Pietre Hamblin-Hatchell

       Jane Hadley

       Smith’s Community Rewards Program

       Paul Rodriguez

       Alex Knight

       Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter

       Marvin McKenzie

       Bob Mosher

       Christina Cavaleri

       Amy Black

       Patty Brito

       Amazon Smile Foundation

       Ian Wallace

       Romeo Alonzo

       Rhoda Karp

       Dustin Prost

       Shelle Sanchez

       Alison Armstrong

       Thomas Bohley

       Fred Creek

       Jerald Cross

       Andrew Cummings

       Marisa Demarco

       Rowan Derrick

       Nicole Duke

       Kris Eaton

       Judy Edwards

       Daniel B. A. Garcia

       Bridget Gonzales

       Ian Hamblin

       Aaron Hendren

       Becca Holmes

       Kathryn Holtkamp

       Chris Hughs

       Gabrielle Johansen

       Michael Langner

       Robert Liberatore

       Hollie Lovely

       Julia Mandeville

       Elizabeth Matthews

       Caroline Prugh

       Valli Rivera

       Nate Warren

       Erica Zvaifler

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