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A New Live Podcast Series

Saturday, November 30, join Blackout for an evening of live readings of three brand new podcasts: El Campo Santo, a new podcast exploring the folklore of New Mexico; National Quality Radio, a comedic take on public radio shows; and Pret 101, a horror comedy! 

Theatre for the ears at the historic B. Ruppe Drugs in Barelas!
Entry is free, but we will gladly accept donations at the door.
Saturday, November 30 | 7:30 p.m. | free admission
B. Ruppe Drugs Inc. | 807 4th St. SW


Darlin' & the Rodeo Runners. Photography by Alejandro Arballo.
Ma and Pa got married doing a hand-holding quadruple backflip over the hide of a raging bull. They could make the devil himself crack a smile. Ma and Pa were rodeo clown royalty.

But now, Ma and Pa are dead.

They are survived by their rowdy children – blood tied, adopted, and collected – and the country songs they played many years ago. Now the family band is back together to honor Ma and Pa’s legacy and raise money for a proper clown funeral. Join Cap’n, Hondo, Darlin’ and the gang for live music, tall tales, and the strangest family reunion you’ve ever seen. 
The cast includes Andee Schray, Barney Lopez, Ericka Olvera, Mikey Hale, Stephen Armijo, Caroline Toby Graham, Abigayle Goldstein, and Hailey Tolleson.
Guest performers at select shows include Emmanuel Catanzariti, Leonard Madrid, Lila Martinez, Josh Bien, and Sage Cornelius. 
November 15 @ The Moonlight Lounge
December 21 @ Tom Waits for Christmas

In Case You Missed It...

Spark some joy with our loving tribute/parody mashup of "A Star Is Born" and "Tidying Up." 

Featuring Stephen Armijo & Nathan Simpson-Coffelt

Lyrics by Caroline Toby Graham

Cinematography by Chris Walsh

Directed by Barney Lopez & Ericka Olvera

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