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Malady is a podcast produced by Blackout Theatre and hosted by Sullivan Forrester, a journalism student. This docudrama follows Sully as she searches for the truth about her family and a curse that haunts them. Is it something in the blood? 

10 episodes - available now on PlayerFM

El Campo Santo.jpg

El Campo Santo

A house in Barelas receives letters every day, addressed to no one, telling stories of encounters with myths and monsters throughout New Mexico. Told through a series of monologues, letters, and short audio plays, this podcast explores traditional and original myths and legends. 

Episodes available on Anchor and Spotify 

Pret Logo 7.jpg

Pret 101

co-produced with Central New Mexico Community College

Welcome to Pret 101: Preternatural Studies. In this course you might learn more than you signed up for. A co-production of CNM and Blackout Theatre.

All episodes now streaming on Spotify

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