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Talk A Mile in Our Shoes

Andee & JD are two disabled theatre artists from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Join them as they discuss their lives, challenges, and the world around them.

Episodes available on Spotify

El Campo Santo.jpg

El Campo Santo

A house in Barelas receives letters every day, addressed to no one, telling stories of encounters with myths and monsters throughout New Mexico. Told through a series of monologues, letters, and short audio plays, this podcast explores traditional and original myths and legends. 

Episodes available on Spotify 



Malady is a podcast produced by Blackout Theatre and hosted by Sullivan Forrester, a journalism student. This docudrama follows Sully as she searches for the truth about her family and a curse that haunts them. Is it something in the blood? 

10 episodes - available now on PlayerFM

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Pret 101

co-produced with Central New Mexico Community College

Welcome to Pret 101: Preternatural Studies. In this course you might learn more than you signed up for. A co-production of CNM and Blackout Theatre.

All episodes now streaming on Spotify

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