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Civilization is collapsing.  The undead roam the streets of Albuquerque. A quarantine camp has been set up at the Rio Grande Community Farm. It’s the living's last refuge in the city... “There’s nothing else like this being done in Albuquerque. It’s environmental theatre with a horrific twist," says Producer and Blackout Artistic Director, Jeff Andersen. 

We all know the Dickens’ classic. An old miser learns the true meaning of Christmas after visits from ghosts. Blackout took a little spin on the ole' tradition. Every night, audiences can enjoy a completely original adaptation of the classic tale by using suggestions from the audience! 

This noir nightmare is one of high energy, scandalous characters, and raucous music. The musical takes place in the alleged Big Night Inn, a disheveled brothel where clients return night after night to get their “dezes”—a desire trip for a price, provided by the infamous Nowhere Girls. But, nothing is easy at the Big Night Inn.

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