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2016-2017 SEASON



Quarantine: The Curse

An Interactive Haunted House

The Forrester Home for Girls is being dedicated and will soon re-open in honor of its founder. However, rumors have plagued the home’s history. Something evil resides in these walls and it needs blood. 

Voted "Best Live Performance" by the Weekly Alibi three years in a row! Quarantine is an immersive horror show that puts the audience in the story. Complete with theatrical design and staffed with professional actors, Quarantine is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.




Blackout presents it's second feature length film at The Guild Cinima. Strive follows Jake and Diana Forrester's venture into the world of multilevel marketing. Can Strive help dig them out of financial stress or will it lead to the ruin of their relationship? Find out at The Guild Cinima. TWO NIGHTS ONLY!! January 20th & 21st 2017. 

March & April




By Blackout Theatre

Blackout Theatre proudly presents the premiere of our newest original full-length play. Driftwood is a tale from the distant past. Continuing in our exploration of the Forrester Family tree, we delve into the lives of two sisters, Esme and Astrid, on a journey to find out about their mother and the homeland they knew only as children. Their mother is dying, and they must journey back to be with her in her final hours. The journey will be treacherous. Few make it alive. It will change them forever. 



6th Annual Wrinkle Writing Showcase

Blackout's In-School Theatre Education Program

Wrinkle Writing is a playwriting program that takes place in classrooms during the school day. Over the course of the year, students write and rehearse their own original play as a class for production in an end-of-the-year showcase. The goal of Wrinkle Writing is to increase student literacy and love of writing, while creating a more cooperative and fun classroom. The 5th Annual Wrinkle Writing Showcase is a great opportunity to see what the youngest theatre makers in Albuquerque are working on. 




FIGHT PIRATES Go! Go! Go! Live Friday...and Saturday..also Sunday

by Barney Lopez

Have you ever wanted to FIGHT PIRATES? Well, now you can! Anarchist pirates have taken down the Internet. The world has descended into madness, and Ben Forrester captains a ship carrying the last Google Server Engine on the planet. He’s the only thing standing between pirates and the complete destruction of knowledge. Ben needs your help!


Join Barney Lopez on an epic sea adventure to save the history of mankind. This interactive show takes the audience on the boat and into the story. Over the course of an hour, the audience works with their delusional captain to survive in a post-internet world. Get ready for a post-apocalyptic comedy like you’ve never seen before!

June & July




A Podcast by Blackout Theatre

Throughout the season, Blackout will post episodes of a new podcast called Malady. This show will follow the Forrester family tree exploring the many branches of the family. The podcast will culminate in a live recording June 30th- July 2nd. 


Blackout Theatre's Tenth Season!

At the Brand New Space--10601 Lomas Blvd NE

BLACKOUT THEATRE is proud to present it's tenth season! We will be producing an original full-length play; a company member-written one-man show; a feature length film; a podcast and QUARANTINE, Albuquerque's interactive haunted house.


This season follows the Forrester Family. Each production, though standalone, will tell the story of their universe and the liniage that has brought them to the present.

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